Mediums, Crystal Balls, And Tarot Runes: 3 Ways To Seek Guidance On Your Love Life

If you are troubled about your love life, and you're not the type who is interested in what a magazine advice columnist has to say, then think about psychic guidance. People from all cultures have been seeking out guidance from psychics; be it tea leaves in the Middle East, Tarot card readers in France, or casting runes in pagan England. If you are curious about these techniques, then you should consider consulting with a practitioner. Here are 3 different types of psychic and clairvoyant methods to try out.

Crystal Ball

The practice of using a crystal ball is part of a technique called scrying. Scrying uses mirrors, crystals and other reflective surfaces. It dates back to ancient times (it is mentioned in the Torah that a silver chalice was used in this manner). When you visit a person who works with a crustal ball, they don't ask questions, but rather go into a almost trance like state. In this state they are supposed to be able to see images that are conjured up in the ball. They then use these images to interpret your current and future predicament.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards are a very popular form of fortune reading. Originally they were used in parlor games, much like modern poker or bridge. However, they turned into instruments of divination (a main theory was developed in France during the late 1700s.)

When you visit a tarot card reader, they will have you shuffle the cards, and then they will deal out a "spread". This is a structured formation. Some spreads are in the form of a Celtic cross, others are influenced by old Greek Platonist concepts (the tetraktys spread). Once the cards are dealt, the tarot reader will interpret the cards. Each card will correspond to a certain area of your life. If you are especially focused on your love life, you should make it know and they can choose a spread that might have more of a focus on love and relationships, as opposed to finances or health. The interesting thing about Tarot cards is that they don't always have an obvious meaning. For example, the card Death, does not signify dead. It often is represented of a change, a metaphorical death of a current situation, and a chance at new beginnings.

Telephone Medium

Not everyone is located near a physic. However, this does not mean that they cannot get a physic reading. In the days before telephones, people where often forced to connect with mediums via letter. Luckily, there are now mediums available right over the phone. This is great because you can have an intimate reading right in the privacy of your own home. The medium will ask questions about your area of interest. Some mediums will use the tone of your voice to get insight into your aura. It is similar to when a psychic looks at your palms and reads the lines. Companies like Heaven 2 Earth can provide more information on seeking guidance on your love life.