3 Signs Of Gum Disease

If you notice that you have a lot of blood when you are brushing your teeth, you may have problems with gum disease. Having blood showing up when you are brushing your teeth isn't normal, so as soon as you see it, you should do something about the gum disease. But blood after brushing your teeth isn't the only sign of gingivitis that you may see. What are some other signs that you may have problems with gum disease?

1. Receding Gum Line

One easy sign to see is that your gum line is starting to recede. You may not notice it immediately, but it is something that you will notice as it gets worse. The receding gum line will expose the roots of your teeth and make them more vulnerable. 

It also will create pockets in between your gums and the roots of your teeth, which can trap plaque and bacteria up against the roots of your teeth, which can cause cavities on the roots, which could also cause severe infections in your jaw. 

2. Bad Breath

Another sign that you might have gum disease is that you have a nasty taste in your mouth and you have some bad breath going on. The reason for that is the plaque that is getting down and around your gum line is going to keep trapping bacteria. That bacteria will cause you to have bad breath. 

Plus, if your teeth get infected, or you get cavities, that will give more bacteria even more places to stay. That bacteria is what will cause you to have bad breath and a nasty taste in your mouth, even if you brush your teeth several times a day. 

3. Pus at the Gum Line

Another sign that you might be having problems with gingivitis is that you may notice that you have pus or other discharges right around your gum line. You may also notice it in your mouth when you aren't looking. It can feel and taste nasty. The reason that your gum line may be pussy is that the pockets around your teeth have caused infections or abscesses to form. 

When they get to a certain point, those infections and abscesses can burst, flooding your mouth with pus. If you see this, go to your dentist immediately. It can be a serious problem. 

If you are worried about gingivitis, then you should be aware of what some of the signs are so that you can make sure you are treating it appropriately. Contact a company like Trusted Natural Care for more information and assistance.