Why Your Alternative Medicine Doctor Would Prescribe Full Spectrum CBD Oil

There are so many cannabis and hemp products out there that to the untrained and unread mind, you would not know what to choose. If you have decided to give alternative medicine a try, natural health care products are inclusive of hemp and marijuana products. Hemp is perfectly legal in all states, but marijuana or cannabis legalization is limited.

You must understand that first before you attempt to purchase and take any CBD or marijuana product for a variety of health problems. Still, if your alternative medicine doctor prescribes you full spectrum, organic CBD oil in place of hemp oil or another kind of CBD oil, you may want to know why. The typical reasons are as follows. 

You Have a Medical Condition That Would Be Best Met with Full Spectrum Oil

Studies have shown that full spectrum oil contains more than just a derivative from the cannabis plant. It is all of these extra agents/components together that make a more effective treatment for certain ailments. Digestive issues, anxiety and depression, and dozens of neurological disorders such as Tourette's, Parkinson's, and multiple sclerosis can benefit from the use of full spectrum oil. Symptoms of all of these health problems and disorders have been shown to be better alleviated by full spectrum oil than by hemp oil or a lesser CBD oil. 

There Are Lots of Natural Vitamins and Minerals in Organic Oil

When you buy or are prescribed full spectrum organic oil, there are lots of natural vitamins and minerals in it. These vitamins and minerals are neither added artificially, nor extracted from the oil through an extended boiling process that destroys them. As such, you get the full effect of the vitamins and minerals along with the health benefits of the CBD oil. This is key when you are treating things like cancer, and your body needs every microgram of vitamins and minerals to sustain itself through treatment. 

The Cost Is the Same, but the Benefits Are Greater

If your alternative medicine doctor is able to legally prescribe the full spectrum organic oil in your state, he/she may do so over prescribing something else because the cost is about the same, but the benefits are greater. Why not get better results with a better form of this natural medicine if the cost will be the same to you as any other hemp or CBD derivative? If you have a condition that the full spectrum oil can definitely help, it just makes sense to prescribe that when it is the same price as other options. 

For more information about full spectrum organic CBD oil, contact your health care provider.