Natural Treatment Administered in an Assisted Living Setting

If your parent has been suffering from chronic migraines and is also getting ready to transition into an assisted living facility, some of the medications that they could be taking may be contributing to their condition or may come with a slew of side effects that have been troubling you. Seek a holistic treatment plan, which may involve using natural remedies in addition to prescriptions. 

Find Out About Medical Care That Is Offered

Each assisted living facility will have its own team of doctors, nurses, and aides. These professionals will be required to follow a strict protocol when it comes to treating a resident. You should conduct a tour of each assisted living facility that you are contemplating as your parent's new residence. Some facilities use traditional diagnosis and treatment methods, but also offer a holistic treatment regimen, which is used to lessen symptoms and treat specific conditions.

Acupuncture, aromatherapy, all-natural supplements, meditation, and exercise are some alternatives to standard medicine, which could aid in the treatment of migraines. Some places even offer pet therapy, which has been shown to reduce tension and help build a rapport with another living being. These remedies can be used for many other issues too, such as depression, loneliness, or anxiety.

Upon enrolling your parent into a facility that promotes holistic treatment services, your parent's medical records will need to be released to the medical staff of the facility. The information in your loved one's files will alert the medical staff to the treatment plan and medication that was previously prescribed to your family member.

Any underlying health conditions or past injuries, which could affect the way that your parent responds to medicine or treatments will be factored in and this information will assist with coming up with a new approach that could be beneficial to your loved one.

Choose a Combination of Traditional and Natural Treatments

If you and your parent are advised that prescription medication should be taken to counteract the migraines, a proposal may be introduced, which would allow both traditional and natural treatments to be used. For instance, maybe a new medication will be prescribed and your parent will need to take this medication for a while, to determine if the severity of her migraines lessen. In addition, your parent may have the option of using some natural remedies, which could further help with the treatment of the migraines.

 An assisted living facility that combines both natural and traditional treatments can help your parent treat their migraines. To learn more, ask an assisted living facility near you about their treatment options.