Treat These Four Conditions With CBG

The hemp plant is widely known for its medicinal properties. Cannabidiol is used to create many natural health supplements. However, you may not know that cannabigerol has many healing benefits as well. CBG is derived from hemp, just like CBD. It is an effective remedy for many symptoms and ailments. Here are four conditions you can treat with CBG.

1. Inflammation

Inflammation can occur inside your body for a number of reasons. Some diseases, like arthritis, cause inflammation. Simple injuries can also cause inflammation as your body's tissues swell to protect themselves. Unfortunately, inflammation can delay the healing process. When a joint is inflamed, the tendons and nerves nearby can become irritated, leading to more inflammation in a vicious cycle. CBG can reduce inflammation, which will help you feel better and promote fast healing.

2. Nausea

Nausea may occur when you've eaten something that doesn't agree with your stomach. A stomach bug can cause nausea and an upset stomach. Motion sickness and pregnancy can cause nausea, as well. This physical symptom can be challenging to live with, especially if it's persistent. CBG can soothe a nauseous stomach. Regular use of a CBG supplement can make you less prone to nausea, so you won't have to keep running to the bathroom unexpectedly.

3. Glaucoma

Glaucoma occurs when the fluid inside your eye behaves abnormally. If your eye produces too much fluid or your eye's drainage is inadequate, the pressure inside your eye can increase. Over time, this increased pressure can damage your optic nerve, a very important component of your eye that allows you to see. CBG is effective at treating glaucoma. This supplement can reduce your intraocular pressure. If you choose to treat your glaucoma with CBG, make sure to keep your doctor informed. Continue attending your regular eye exams so your ophthalmologist can ensure your intraocular pressure is adequately managed.

4. Reduced Appetite

Some people experience reduced appetite in conjunction with nausea. However, a decreased appetite can also be a symptom on its own. Some people feel unable to eat following a serious illness. The treatment for some illnesses can also cause a reduction in appetite. Some drugs interfere with a patient's ability to eat normally. Chemotherapy medication, for instance, often decreases the appetites of cancer patients. If you're losing weight due to low appetite, CBG can help. When taken as a supplement, CBG can stimulate your appetite, allowing you to enjoy food and get the nourishment you require.

If you'd like to buy CBG, talk with your health care provider or a local dispensary.