You May Want To Switch To An Alcohol-Based CBD Tincture

With CBD becoming so common, new CBD products are always arising. You can eat CBD gummies, swallow pills, or inhale CBD vapor. If you currently use one of these products, there is another CBD product you may want to consider switching to. It's called CBD tincture. A CBD tincture is an extraction of CBD into alcohol, which you take orally. Here are some of the benefits of CBD tincture, along with some basic instructions on how to use it.

The Benefits of CBD Tincture

1. CBD tincture does not require you to inhale anything. If you are worried about the effects of CBD vapor on your lungs, or if you find that your airways seem a little irritated by CBD vape products, then a tincture is a good choice.

2. CBD tincture takes action almost immediately. The proper way to use a tincture is to hold it in your mouth before you swallow it. This allows much of the CBD to be absorbed straight through the thin tissues lining your mouth and into your bloodstream. You get relief within minutes, which is a much faster reaction than you get if you swallow a CBD pill or chew a CBD candy.

3. CBD tincture is easy to dose. Most preparations come with a little dropper, and the bottle tells you how much the dropper holds. You can easily take one more drop or one less drop if you need to adjust your dose. This is easier than trying to split a gummy or take another half of a pill.

How to Use CBD Tincture

Obviously, CBD tincture should be taken orally. If this is your first time taking it, you should start with the equivalent of about 10 mg CBD, which is usually about 1 dropper full, depending on the concentration of the tincture you buy. Drop the liquid beneath your tongue, and then put your tongue down. Wait 30 seconds. Then, use your tongue to rub the mixture over your gums and cheeks, which will enhance absorption even more. Then, you can swallow.

If you do not get the effects you desire from CBD tincture within a half-hour, then you can take a little more. Increase your dose by a drop at a time until you reach an effective dose.

CBD tincture has a lot of advantages and is a great way to get your CBD. Give it a try, and enjoy some relief.

To learn more about CBD tinctures, reach out to a local health store.