What Issues Can CBD Help Dogs With?

CBD has become a really popular remedy for people, but lately, more and more companies are releasing CBD products for dogs, too. There are dog treats infused with CBD, along with CBD oils made specifically to be added to dog food. So, why do owners give their dogs CBD? What issues can CBD address? Take a look.

Separation Anxiety

Do you have a dog who does not like to be left alone? Maybe he or she tears up the furniture or chews on shoes when left alone. These behaviors are usually due to separation anxiety. In other words, being without you makes your dog anxious. Just as CBD can calm anxiety in people, it can do the same in dogs. Give your dog a CBD treat or some CBD oil about a half hour before you leave the house. This gives it time to kick in before you leave. Your dog should feel less anxious and will be less likely to display these behaviors.

Itchy Skin

Dogs often develop itchy skin in response to an allergen such as dust mites and pollen. Once they start licking the area, the enzymes in their saliva irritate the skin even more. They can get caught in a seemingly endless cycle of itching and licking until you give them something to break that cycle. CBD can do that. It's really good at relieving inflammation, which is what's at the heart of most itchy skin. You can give your dog CBD until you notice they are no longer itching. In the future, try giving them CBD preventatively if you know they'll be exposed to something that irritates them.

Lack of Focus

Some dogs are simply more energetic and hyper than others. This can be fun sometimes, but frustrating when you're trying to get your dog to focus on training. Giving them CBD before a training class or session can help keep them calm and focused. This way, they can get more out of each training session. People often give their dogs CBD before visits to the dog park, athletic events, and walks in busy areas. Any time you want your dog to be calmer and more focused, CBD is a good remedy to reach for.

If your dog struggles with any of the issues above, give CBD pet products a try. They can do quite a lot for dogs, and there are no serious side effects to worry about.