choosing natural medicine for your children

Signs Your Child Might Need To See A Food Intolerance Specialist

Food intolerances, while different than food allergies, can still cause a lot of health problems for people young and old. Children with food intolerances can often go undiagnosed because they don't have the experience to communicate how they feel, or they might assume how they feel is normal because they haven't learned differently. Does your child need to see a food intolerance specialist? Here are some indicators to look for.  Read More 

3 Different Ways To Use Natural Lavender Essential Oils

The lavender plant has long been used for medical purposes. More recently, lavender essential oils have become more popular. In addition to having a beautiful smell, lavender essential oils can be used in many different beneficial manners. #1 Lavender Can Help You Relax When it comes to relaxing scents, lavender has long been associated with relaxation and was used historically for assistance with mental health. The aroma from lavender is still associated with relaxation, and the essential oils can be used in many ways to facilitate a calmer environment. Read More 

Tips And Information For New Medical Marijuana Patients

When a patient is suffering from chronic pain or other health conditions, medical marijuana can be a highly effective treatment option. However, this type of medication has only recently started to become legalized in many areas, and this can lead to patients being unsure of how to get the most out of these medicines. Be Aware Of The Options For Taking Your Medical Marijuana There many different types of medical marijuana that can be used to help treat your condition. Read More 

3 Faqs Regarding Medical Marijuana

It's been over 20 years since California became the first state to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. Since then, 30 states, along with Washington D.C., have legalized medical marijuana. Despite being legal in a majority of the states, there are still many questions people have about the use of medical marijuana. For those who want to know more, here are the answers to three frequently asked questions regarding medical marijuana. Read More 

Natural Ways To Treat Thyroid Issues

After receiving the diagnosis that you have hypothyroidism, your doctor might suggest taking medication. If you do not like relying on medications for health issues, you might want to consider looking for a homeopathic form of treatment to try instead. If so, you could visit a doctor that specializes in homeopathic medicine, and he or she will be able to recommend some lifestyle changes that could help you with this condition. Read More